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Best bag ever been doing electrical work for 30 years now this will make the 5th bag for me once I bout my first bag 30 years ago I never wore anything else move up to project manger but still do work we have a lot of hourly guys and subs if you can send me a couple more bags to sample out same size one green and one blue I’ll try to promote the bags but can’t make any promises there’s one guy he already bout one when he tried mine on thanks Anthony

Great Customer Service & Great Product

Thank you for being willing to do a pouch in another color for me. I appreciate the great customer service and cutomization.

Customer support

The support I got when my belt failed was amazing! Got a replacement belt within a week with no questions! They stand by their products! Would and will recommend!

Awesome tool belt

Love it.

Boulder Bag Ultimate Electrician Comfort Combo Tool Belt


Sizing runs big. Wish I had gotten a small. Go on the smallest part of the size scale. Wish it had a better spot for cats paw.
Otherwise it’s great so far.

Belt is ok

Seems like a nice tool belt the tape measure clip sucks with the tape in the clip every time you kneel down to pick something up or bend over the tape snaps rite out of the clip that's a horrible place for that unless you Stan straight up all day and what carpenter does that?

Belt abd suspenders are great.

I've worn this belt and suspenders for a out two weeks now and they feel great, the suspenders specifically feel much better than the Occidental ones I was using before.


These bags are the best. Bottom line. They have thought of everything in these bags! But them!

Finally a good electricians bag

I’ve been hunting for a good tool pouch set for a while. I haven’t been too impressed with what’s out there, lots of cheap bulky junk with not the right amount of space and slots. The master on my crew has a 15 year old tool pouch and it’s great. No nonsense just a straight forward and a not super heavy tool bag. When I saw boulder bags it looked similar but with some better support so I bought one. He told me he’s gonna buy a set when his give out. Coming from a surly old sparky that’s high praise. Love this set of bags and look forward to breaking them in. One side note, a multimeter add on pouch would really make this perfect.

Boulder Bag Ultimate Electrician Comfort Combo Tool Belt

Tough and Sturdy

Awesome quality. Worth every penny.

An excellent tool belt

The belt is excellent, lightweight yet sturdy, with multiple sites for carrying needed tools. It serves my needs well.

Awesome product loved everything about!!!

Ever since i got it its been great everyone on the job site ask's me about it keep it up guys!!! The front pocket however on the tool pouch that seems to be for the a tape measure but it doesn't work for anything maybe adding something else instead


These tool belts are top of the line. Comfortable, many compartments and built to last.

Go ahead and spend the money you won’t regret it.

FULL SET - Boulder Bag Ultimate Electrician MAX Comfort Combo Tool Belt w/ Comfort Padded Suspenders

Tool Belt Review

I have been requesting a Return Authorization for order #5933. I have yet to hear back from anyone. This affecting my review due to the request to return this item. It is the wrong size

The Best

This is an awesome electrician’s tool bag setup. It’s very comfortable and ergonomic. The only thing I’d change is to add a better sleeve for a pencil or sharpie. Thanks for making a great product!

Boulder Bag Ultimate Electrician MAX Comfort Combo Tool Belt


No slip that I've experienced. Straight solid. Whether you're buying a boulder rig or an add on. Def worth every penny. I have the whole carpentry setup

Electrical boulder bags

I decided to order the belt buckle this time.
So so so stiff I cannot adjust the belt. The belt clip is stiff and doesn’t bend.
I can’t remove the belt in order to move the hammer clip to my left side.
Waste of money.

Awesome Belt.

I was really debating between badger, occidental, diamond back, atlas, and these. Definitely don't regret my decision. Only thing I'm not too keen on is the hammer loop. But other than that I absolutely love my set up. Highly recommend to my fellow contractors out there.

Boulder Bag Ultimate Electrician MAX Comfort Combo Tool Belt

Boulder Bag Professional Electrician MAX Comfort Combo Tool Belt