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Blue Bangers

Extreme comfort & fit for a modern time.
Top notch craftmamship!These bags make you look good on the job

Made in the USA

I currently utilize two different rigs and have enjoyed both, the upgrade with grab handles made it an even better experience. Great job!

Best in class

Clearly the best tool belt I have ever used

Ultimate Electrician Max

Very comfortable and high quality bag. Very satisfied with my purchase.

My tools fit in each of the pockets, the bags aren’t all stiff like other brands and the belt is super comfortable

Electrician Max

Bought my 2nd pair of these. 6yrs of high usage on the first set. Great bags for a good price. Get the suspenders, they'll help save your body

Best tool belt

Game changer since day one. Best bags out there hands down.

Boulder Bag Professional Electrician MAX Comfort Combo Tool Belt

Master Electrician

I bought the Full Electrical Max Comfort tool belt with leather tip belt and traditional steel belt buckle with the suspenders. I have been doing this for roughly 38 years and I have worked with I.B.E.W Local 25 in Long Island for years. Have been involved with Commercial as well as Residential. Old work and new. This by far is the most comfortable tool setup that I have ever worn. I’m 58 yes old now and wearing a full pouch can be very uncomfortable after a while. But this one I can wear all day and still be good!!! Thanks guys at Boulder Bag for making suck an awesome product!!!! You guys Rock!!! And also a big shout out for the guy that helped me out when I ordered the wrong size belt.!!! And just another shout out for the fact that it’s actually made here in USA!!!! Will definitely remain a happy customer and will spread the word!!! Please let me know what else that I can do to get the word out for you guys! I’ll do a commercial or utube video and proudly show off my pouch! Can also promote future products as well. I know a lot of contractors.

These bags are amazing

I absolutely love these bags. I was right in between sizes and should’ve probably gone up a size, but that’s on me. I have zero complaints on the functionality and quality of them.

Boulder Bag Ultimate Electrician MAX Comfort Combo Tool Belt

HVAC installer

I install HAVC.. I've used GatorBack electrician bags for going on 5 years now.. These Boulder bags look to be as good quality as Gators.. Plenty of pockets, hope they are durable and are able to last a few years...

Simply amazing

Love the tools Comfortable and looks durable. The only thing I would change is the left side bag make one tighter fit. More small type . So far I love it

Boulder Bag Ultimate Electrician MAX Comfort Combo Tool Belt

High Quality

Very high quality. Built to last. Customer service is fantastic too.

Tape Pouch - 540
Rich Dodd

Works as it should holds a 25'well

Max comfort belt

Excellent quality and works great.


I love them. Once you break them in they're the best bags an electrician can have.

Pockets for days-

The pouches seem like an actual tradesman designed them. I can keep all my tools in their own pocket, screwdrivers have their place, my meter can sit down fully it so deep, divided out very well on the parts pouch being big enough for my big hand to fit down in balled up and their deep! Has phone holder/bit storage separate, huge comfortable belt, my pouches are loaded fairly well and they stay right where they are on the belt, no moving.
I can’t say a bad thing about this setup…can’t think of one thing!
I went for the Camo and it looks really nice!
When I wear this out eventually, years down the road- I’ll be right back!

Connect-A-Pouch Mini Pocket - ULT660

Great bags

I love the extra deep pockets for screws, wire nuts, fittings, etc. I found it more comfortable than most bags and the tool bag has a great layout for my tools.

FULL SET - Boulder Bag Ultimate Electrician MAX Comfort Combo Tool Belt w/ Comfort Padded Suspenders

Best tool belts for Electricians

Highly recommended the ultimate electrician tool belt. Being back & forth between commercial TI & large residential apartments complexes, I have to say the pocket configuration is the best I’ve seen by far. Pockets are perfect for your tool needs & are interchangeable for various tools, let alone based off the construction of the bags they stand up on them selfs. Nice deep material pockets you can’t go wrong with. Break in period is little to none, only get better with time.. The customer service is also outstanding they’ll take care of you like family! Glad to see a company still taking pride & care of their customers, these bags will last you a very long time with good care or even beating on them. They’re made in America with great warranty, & glad to say! They still got THAT old school great quality material…
Give them a try for yourself, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Side pouch addition

Purchased this pouch as a replacement to the left pouch of the ultimate electrician max belt. This allowed me to store my tools more evenly distributed. Love the belt now. Thanks.